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Our Philosophy

People often say when it comes to friends, “have less, but the best”. We think this applies to jewelry as well! We strive to create products of the finest quality possible, using materials that last for years. Ardant jewelry is not meant to be thrown away and buried in landfills , but to be treasured for life. Quality over quantity, always.

Our Production

As consumers ourselves, the tension between bringing people joy through what we create and inherently producing “stuff” is one we feel near daily. That’s why we choose to handcraft every collection in small batches (instead of opting for mass production) to minimize inventory waste.

Our Packaging

We’ve made a conscious effort to limit packaging waste wherever possible but we know we have a long way to go. All shipper boxes and jewelry boxes are 100% recyclable. The paper was sourced from responsibly managed forests and is FSC certified. Please reuse or recycle thoughtfully. We’ve also put a lot of thought in designing the jewelry box such that multiple products can fit into one box, with the goal of reducing as much packaging as possible.

Our Cards

The paper for the cards was sourced from responsibly managed forests and is FSC certified. When’s the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Every Ardant package includes a card for you to write something to someone. Tell them how much they mean to you (people need more love than they show).


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